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News Edits

Jan 2011
"NEWEDITS,  in partnership
with JB Telecommunications, is
providing satellite news coverage
for the Caribbean Twenty20
Cricket Tournament in Antigua, from
January 10th to 23rd.
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June 2010
2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa
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May 2010
Kentucky, Gift from the Desert
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Feb 2010
Miami Boat Show Exclusive Coverage
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April 2010

NAB 2010 National Association of Broadcasters
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Jan 2010

Haiti Earthquake Coverage
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Two Live Production studios are operated from NEWS EDITS location in downtown Miami and equipped with 1, 2 or 3 cameras for live shots with chroma-key using a 2-walled green screen. The studios are connected to Satellite Uplinks and have on-site maintenance and transmission staff of engineers to support the service 24 hours a day. Providing the studio facilities, with satellite transmission capabilities in Miami is ideal for live events and enables executives, celebrities, experts or journalists to participate live via Satellite.

From concept to completion, from a modest commercial to a full-scale film shoot. NEWS EDITS has a full staff of creative experts and professional freelancers to handle every phase of your production. Whether you are producing a Feature, Documentary, Broadcast, Commercial, Corporate Video, Industrial Video, or Music Video, NEWS EDITS has everything you need to create a spectacular visual presentation.

Multilingual department in NEWS EDITS provides journalistic, production, operational and technical support to its international clients. With experienced Journalist, Producers, and support staff, speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic, in Miami, Washington DC and New York, NEWS EDITS can provide excellent news coverage for international clients.

For all productions, a producer is assigned who will be responsible for coordinating with the client and all the elements that make up the production. The producer will ensure the project is completed on time, to schedule and budget, but most importantly that it all meets with client approval. This approach ensures the client gets a lot more flexibility, control and involvement throughout the project.

Studio One is 26x36 ft sound proof area (13 ft lighting grid) for up to 3 cameras, SDI XLR Connection Panel adjacent to the editing room with SDI Switch and Monitors. Dressing and makeup room. Studio one is equipped with the two wall Green Screen, modern style furniture and Sony PMW-EX Cameras. The Studio is available for shooting interviews, news and commercials.
Studio Two is 15 x 25 ft mainly available for interview shoots. Production facility is fully interconnected to Satellite Uplink transmission and Downlink Antennas as well as Fiber Optics link for SDI/HD-SDI video and IP data application.
Studio 1
Studio 2
More about the Studios